Clubhouse Guest Chat List:

Welcome to Clubhouse Chat page. For those of you who are not a member won’t be aware that the location of the Clubhouse is shrouded in mystery. The only way to visit it is via membership or an invite to the clubhouse tearoom. Every few days, I’ll be sharing a conversation I’ve had with a guest over tea and cakes, or maybe a glass of something stronger, about their work in progress, or latest book release. I’ll be talking to all sorts of writers and authors at different levels of their writing careers. ( Guests in Black are in a queue to join me in the tearoom) [Click on names highlighted in Blue to be taken to their chat.]

Stewart McDowall 14th July

Zach Lamb 11th May

Alison Knight Book Launch

Liz Harris

Jack Steele

Jim Bates Book Launch

Mary Kendall

Liza Miles

Sal Cangemi

Gary Rubidge

Eric Labrie

Chris Bannor

Barry Faulkner

Maressa Mortimer

Amy Grech

Amira Krista Calvo

J Snow

Dawn DeBraal

Gwendolyn Kiste

Ashley Burn

Dassa Shiradski

Lydia Prime

Carmen Baca

Barrington Smith-Seetachitt

Ushasi Sen Basu

Stevie Kopas

Sonora Taylor

R.A. Busby

Yolanda Sfetsos

Janine Pipe

Michelle Lane

Susie Kearley

Hayley Walsh

Ellie Douglas

Paul Flewitt March 16th

Mocha Pennington

Meg Hafdahl

Myles Stafford

Rowan Hill

Shawnna Deresch

Richard Meldrum

Demi-Louise Blackburn

Villimey Sigurbjornsdottir

Elizabeth Ducie

Faith Pierce

Rebecca Rowland

Catherine McCarthy

K.C. Grifant

Marsheila Rockwell

Lucy Rose

Paul Flewitt Book launch

R. J. Ellory

J. P. Reedman

C J Wood

Suzy Shearer

P.L. Stuart Book Launch March 15 2021

Emme Klama

Nathan Burton

Iain Kelly

Barbara Copperthwaite

Jeff Warren

Brandon Scott

Molly-Jane Kirchner

Jilly L Bowling

Mark Ellis

Karen Crowson

Paula Williams

Juliet Greenwood

Ann Victoria Roberts Book Launch

Stephanie Ellis & Alyson Faye Book Launch

Umair Mirxa

Michelle Cook

Sue Moorcroft

John Holt

Julie Cohen

John Jackson

Alyson Faye: Book Launch Chat

Valerie Holmes

Gareth Writer-Davies

Tim Mendees

Cameron Trost

Kristina Gallo

Mehreen Ahmed Book Launch Chat:

Callum Pearce

Jane Lovering

Claire Boley

Paula Martin

Margaret James

Vanessa Grossman

Cara Cooper

Jasmine Jarvis

Lorna Read

Marilyn Pemberton

Mandy James

Jenny Worstall

Barry Lillie

Peter Foote

Destiny Pifer

Cathie Dunn

Clare Weze

Wendy Clarke

Debbie Viggiano

Pamela Fudge

Caron Allan

Beth Elliott

Sophia Anyanwu

Alison O’Leary

Robert Wilson

Austrian Spencer

Deidre Palmer

Sharon C Williams

Collette McCormick

Dean M Drinkel

Dawn Knox 2n chat

David Green

Alice Castle

Amanda Brittany

Debz Hobbs-Wyatt

Lynne Phillips

Elizabeth Ashworth

Gary Wilbanks

P.A. O’Neil

Ann Victoria Robert

Angela Wren

Alison Knight

Neil Walker

Jan Jones

Carrie Elks

Karen Botha

Magz Wiseman

Reggie Jones

Wendy Turbin

Kate Lowe

Sheila Norton

Kerri Jesmer

Fran Tracey

Peter Jones

Francesca Capaldi

Chris Miller

Caroline S Kent

Carmen Baca

Anna Legat

Sarah Davis

Victoria Dowd

Polly Mordant

DJ Elton

Sean P Chatterton

Ray Daley

Suzana Sjenicic

Maggie Cobbett

Helen Matthews

P.C. DarkCliff

Ximena Esobar

Karla Forbes

Carolyn Belcher


Shawn M Klimek

Ray Suchow

Janine Bernaldez

David Bowmore

Miriam Drori

Cressida E Schofield

Chisto Healy

Richard E. Rock

Liza Miles

Jill Girardi

Sally Zigmond

Carl Plummer

Mehreen Ahmed

Jim Bates

Jim Aikin

Gregg Cunningham

Azra Syed

Jenni Keer

Jane Isaac

Allison Symes

Bethany Camille James

Steve Stred

Hannah Retallick

Elaine Marie Carnegie

Alyson Faye

Amanda Huggins

Dawn DeBraal

Penny Hampson

Jean Fullerton

Gail Aldwin

Cathy Mansell

Joan Livingston

Ann Christine Tabaka

Priscilla Bettis:

Patsy Davies:

Charlie Tyler:

Brian Heys

Kirsty Ferry:

Gill James:

Dawn Knox:

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