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Clubhouse Bookshop .

If you are a published author looking for a place to promote your books, then this is the place for you. Please come and join us.

The Clubhouse Bookshop.

If you’re a member of the Facebook group, For Writers’ only, who write without fear of rejection, aka The Clubhouse. You can add your books here along with any other promotional material you have. Please feel free to add Amazon Links, Publisher’s Links, Blog links, Facebook Author’s Page, Amazon Author’s Page links along with book trailers, event details, or talks you are giving, and book launches. Please remember this group is open to the public so any issues or problems you might be having or need to discuss with admin or any other members take them to the clubhouse, or private messaging. Please be polite to member of staff in the shop, we are here to serve.

Thank you.

For Writers Only, The Clubhouse aka The Clubhouse.

For Writers Only, Who Write Without Fear of Rejection.

The Clubhouse membership is for people (poets, novelists, screenwriters, short stories writers, playwright, wordsmith etc.) who are seeking to become an active member of this writer’s group. ( Active means participating so you become a regular member)
The Clubhouse won’t accept anyone who doesn’t answer the three questions. Your FB Page is checked for signs that you’re a writer or wordsmith of any kind etc.
It doesn’t allow straightforward advertising by using an Amazon Link ( or book cover link to Amazon). Please use the Clubhouse Bookshop
All self-promotional posts must use either a photograph of the member holding their book, or photos of the book cover, or using a screenshot of ebook cover. You can post news of reviews you have received about your work, books, poetry etc.The post must include details about the writing of the book, whether it is your first novel / novella etc. How you’re planning to market it, or promoting? ( without breaking clubhouse rules)
Give information about talks, book launch, whether it will be in a bookshop, supermarket or anywhere unusual? Promotional ideas you have and want to share. Please use a link to your blog. By doing so you will increase traffic to your blog where your reader can find out more information about you and your work.
The Clubhouse only allows Amazon Link style marketing on the 1st of each month, and from the last week in November until the 1st January. Any Amazon style marketing outside these dates will be deleted. Please post all Amazon Links in the clubhouse bookshop, Thank you.
The Clubhouse does allow: book trailers, book reviews, events posters, voting for ‘battle of the cover’ type competitions, book awards news, or awards of any kinds etc, short stories acceptance news, anthologies book news (where more than one writer appears in the book) sharing links to poetry, & short stories sites. Blog posting & updates.
All other information or services you wish to share must be on your own blog site.
The Clubhouse main purpose is to share information: competitions, publishers and agencies seeking submissions, and call-outs. All members are expected to encourage each other by being supportive with news of successes and equally when sharing news of rejections.
Please keep all discussions, light, bright and breezy. NO bad language or nasty comments.
Any problems or not understanding of the rules above contact me offline.
Please note: any information posted on the site.i.e. Competitions, submission guidelines etc. Do your homework, and check the guidelines carefully before submitting. The responsibility is all yours
Thank you!

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